This Exam is required to be taken with a successful result by all those sitting MEDICATION COMPETENCY.

It is required for Full Competency, Witness Only, Annual Review, or Corrective Action (i.e. drug error). Once you have successfully completed the exam, you must be signed off by the Registered Nurse before you can administer or witness medications.

1. What does INR stand for?
(Select the correct answer.)
2. Who determines the target INR for a resident?
3. How often are INR levels usually checked?
4. Select four other times when INR levels should be checked.
5. The doctor should be notified when the INR is not at the desired level.
6. If a resident on warfarin has a fall what observations should be carried out?
(Select all of the correct answers.)
7. What foods can decrease warfarin activity because of their vitamin K content?
(Select all that apply.)
8. What herbal over the counter medication can interact with warfarin?
9. Besides monitoring of INR levels, what other observations should be made of a person who is on warfarin?
(Select all correct answers.)


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