This Exam is required to be taken with a successful result by all those sitting MEDICATION COMPETENCY.

It is required for Full Competency, Witness Only, Annual Review, or Corrective Action (i.e. drug error). Once you have successfully completed the exam, you must be signed off by the Registered Nurse before you can administer or witness medications.

Policy and Procedure: QAN 16.04.01 Medication - Controlled Drugs

1. CD stands for Controlled Drugs.
2. Explain the procedure for accepting and storing CDs from pharmacy.
(Drag the answers to the correct order.)
  • CDs arrive from pharmacy by their delivery person.
  • Have the delivery person sign the register as the witness.
  • Place all of the new CDs in the safe.
  • Open the safe with the pharmacy delivery person present (hide your passcode).
  • Update the line on that page with the new quantity, then sign.
  • Close and lock the safe, and the pharmacy delivery person can now leave.
  • Get the Drug Register out and turn to the resident's page for that specific medication.
3. Name the CDs most likely to be used and why they might be prescribed.
(Select all that are correct.)
4. Explain the procedure for administering a CD and what recordings must take place.
(Drag the answers to the right order.)
  • Sign then Witness signs.
  • Return the unused meds to the safe, then close and lock the safe.
  • Mark as "Given" in 1Chart, with the Witness authorising as "Given" with their username and password.
  • Take out drug register and medication.
  • Immediately give CDS to resident while Witness watches.
  • Witness must be present when you open the safe (hide your passcode).
  • Count the number of medicines and record the new amount after taking one out to administer.
5. What does CDR stand for?
(Select the correct answer.)
6. Where is the CDR stored?
(Select the correct answer.)
7. Describe what should be done if a discrepancy is noticed between medication present and entry made in Controlled Drugs Register (CDR).
(Select all correct answers.)
8. Explain who can be the second checker/witness for administering CDs.
(Select all correct answers.)
9. Explain the role of the witness when administering CDs.
(Select the three correct answers.)


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