1. What does BSL stand for?
(Select the correct answer.)
2. How do you measure blood sugar levels?
3. Where are the results of BSL recorded?
(Select the correct answer.)
4. How are insulin pens cared for?
(Select the two correct answers.)
5. How are glucometers cared for?
(Select all of the correct answers.)
6. Hyperglycaemia means Low Blood Sugar.
7. Hypoglycaemia means Low Blood Sugar.
8. What steps would you take in event of hyperglycaemia?
(Select all of the correct answers.)
9. What steps would you take in event of hypoglycaemia?
(Select all of the correct answers.)

10. How is insulin stored?

(Fill in the blanks.)

When it is not in a pen, in the .
In the in the pen for up to days.

11. Describe how insulin is given.
12. Where are the sites for giving insulin?
(Select the three correct answers.)
13. When doing insulin injections, you should not alternate sites on the person's body.
14. Specific times for insulin administration are very important in order to keep and maintain a steady BSL.
15. What should be done if a resident misses a meal?
(Select all correct answers.)
16. What if a resident is unwell, i.e. vomiting? ?
(Select all correct answers.)
17. When would you call an ambulance?
(Select the correct two answers.)


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