1. What are the five right rules of safe medication administration?

2. What do you do after administering medication?

Click the button in 1Chart next to the correct . Enter the , if asked.

3. Name three (3) commonly used medications and their side effects:

4. What do you do if you are called away?
(Tick all that apply.)

5. What do you do if a resident refuses to take their medication?
(Fill in the blanks.)

Mark as in 1Chart.

6. Where are the suspension antibiotics stored?
(Tick all that apply.)
7. Where are the expired medicines stored?
(Tick all that apply.)
8. What does PRN medication mean and when can you give it?
(Select the correct answer.)
9. What do you do if a resident asks for Panadol?
(Sort the answers in the correct order.)
  • If not listed, Do Not give it.
  • If it is listed, then give per the list.
  • Check their PRN list in 1Chart.
10. What is the correct way to administer controlled medicines?
  • Two med comp persons must be present.
  • Close the safe.
  • Immediately administer the medication with BOTH persons witnessing.
  • Sign off as given in 1Chart.
  • Return unused medication to the safe.
  • Open controlled drugs safe.
  • Sign the controlled drugs register with 2 med comp certified persons observing and recording.
11. Where do you record a medication error?
(Select the correct answer.)
12. Describe the correct procedure for administering eye drops?
(Drag answers into the correct order.)
  • Put drops into lower lid.
  • Explain procedure to resident before you begin.
  • Pull down lower lid.
  • Instruct resident to close eye for a few seconds.
  • Wash hands.

13. What do the following mean:
(Insert the correct answers.)

Mane =
Nocte =
Stat =
BID or BD =

14. What do you do if you have given the wrong medication to a resident?
(Tick all that apply.)
15. What do you do if you find tablets on the floor?
(Select the three correct answers.)