HCA Minimum Skills Course

HCA Basic Skills 

A Day in the Life of an HCA

COVID-19 in a Care Environment

 Assisting a Person to Shower

Bathing and Grooming a Person Confined to Bed

Oral Health: Caring for Natural Teeth and Dentures

Supporting People to Move

Urinary Continence Management

Communication: Supporting Individuals

Documenting in a Care Environment

Effective Handover

Infection Control: An Overview

Falls Assessment: When a fall occurs

Customer Service: Providing a 5 Star Experience

Culturally Inclusive Care

Residents Code of Rights

RN Minimum Skills Refresher

End of Life Care: Symptom Management 

Restrictive Practices and Restraints

Sepsis: Early Detection and Care

Changing Urinary Catheters

Pain Management: Analgesics

Tissue Viability: Pressure Injuries
Wound Care: Skin Tears

Clinical Skills for RNs: Venipuncture, Administration of
Subcutaneous Fluids, Verifying Death

Clinical Assessment: Head to Toe

Clinical Skills: Managing Stoma Care

Continuing Education and upskilling


Safe Food Handling

Infection Control: Cleaning

Environmental Cleaning in Healthcare

Infection Control: Laundry

Preventing Musculoskeletal Injury at Work

Falls: Balancing Risk


Clinical Skills for Care Staff: Temperature • Pulse and Respiration • Compression Stockings • Urinalysis


Depression in Older People

Mental Health: Anxiety Disorders


Dementia: An Introduction

Engaging the Person in Meaningful Activities

Responding to Behavioural Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia: Supporting Sleep

Dementia: Understanding and Responding to BPSD

Dementia: End Stage of Life


Diabetes: Managing Complications and Medications

Diabetes: Everyday Care


Detecting and Managing Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Sensory Loss: Vision and Hearing

Wound Care: Skin Tears

Caring for a Person with a Skin Condition

Dysphagia: Awareness and Support of Swallowing Difficulties

Inservice Topics

End of Life Choice Act 2019: An Overview

Cultural Competency for Healthcare

Sexuality and the Older Person

Workplace Conduct: Bullying & Harassment

Mental Health: Defining Dementia, Depression and Delirium

Fire Safety: A Practical Approach

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