Level 2 Residential Aged Care Caregiver needed. Candidates must be able to demonstrate appropriate skills, knowledge and experience, with aptitude to lead and assist fellow Care Assistants. You’ll need to work well within a team and have good communication skills, both written and oral. Key responsibilities will centre around providing appropriate care to residents in line with the relevant policies and procedures.

Candidates must have relevant Level 2 qualifications, along with relevant experience, including:

  • Commitment to helping residents in a continuing care environment.
  • Physical fitness and a commitment to maintain this.
  • A caring considerate attitude and responsiveness to the care of the elderly.
  • Ability to adapt to change and to work efficiently under pressure.
  • Good organisation and prioritising skills.
  • Honesty, integrity, conscientiousness and industriousness.
  • Previous experience in care of the elderly, IHC and/or psychiatric residents.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good understanding, able to follow instructions.
  • Awareness of ways to optimise independence of residents.
  • Understanding of residents’ rights, advocacy and privacy.