Due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, visitation to the rest home is now restricted.


All  visits by family or friends are now restricted.


    1. To visit your loved one, please phone to schedule a visit, at least the day before. The number of visitors allowed in the facility, at one time, is heavily constrained. During the phone call you will be asked pre-screening questions.
    2. Visiting hours are in place. Visits are allowed between 10am – 4pm on weekdays, and no visits on the weekend at this time.
    3. Visitors must ensure that children aged 5-12 wear a mask at all times, practice social distancing, and meet hand hygiene requirements.
    4. Children aged 4 and under are not allowed in the facility at this time.
    5. The total number of visitors allowed in the facility at one time is 5.
    6. When visiting, please leave any belongings in your vehicle and any gifts must be left for the resident at reception. We will sanitise items for the resident and give the items to them within 24 hours.
    7. Visits are restricted to 30 minutes. They may be shorter if you wish.
    8. To be fair to all residents, one visitation per resident per day with no more than 2 visitors at one time. This allows each resident the opportunity for a family visit.
    9. Upon arrival, you must come DIRECTLY to reception.
    10. When visiting you must sign in, more than just the COVID tracer app. We have additional health and safety requirements which means we need to screen each visitor, including taking your temperature.
    11. When inside the facility, or near a resident, you must wear a mask. We have disposable masks available for purchase ($2.00 each) if you require one.
    12. You must keep a distance of 1m when in the facility and no touching of the resident is permissible.
    13. If you are unwell, please stay home.

We Love our Residents and want to keep them healthy.

Thank you for your understanding.